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10/22/10 12:56 pm - fouxdafafaa - Silk SCREAM presents "A Tale of Two Sisters" at Chatham University

Silk SCREAM Presents: A Tale of Two Sisters, by Kim Ji-woon

The highest grossing Korean horror film and the first of its kind to be screened in American Theaters, Kim Ji-woon’s, A Tale of Two Sisters, demands frightening immersion of the mind, body, and soul.

Often copied, but never truly duplicated, Asian Horror is renowned for providing genre fans with some of the most boundary-pushing and artful cinema experiences to be found.

So, please join us for a distinctive selection of blood-curdling, spine-tingling, watch-with-one-eye-covered, spooky films this Halloween season.

October 28, 2010

Chatham University Campbell Memorial Chapel
5799 West Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

$5 Suggested donation

Visit Silk Screen or contact me at jmzipay@silkscreenfestival.org for more information!

3/6/07 11:01 pm - sufimammi33 - More people need to see Martin

Would anyone be interested in trying to have a Romero film fest  here?

2/16/07 12:29 pm - msstink

my name is rachael, i'm 22 and awesome at dropping out of things, i love my cat, and i'm obsessed with horror. although i adore bruce campbell (i even have a plaster casting of his head that they did for evil dead II painted bronze. it's regal.) and my favorite movie is hellraiser (but wtf with the scorpion shaped pile of poop? or the bum that turns into a skeleton dragon? ugh) my biggest love is body horror. lately i can't get enough of videodrome, in my skin, clive barker's salome and the forbidden, the brood, etc. smart horror, you dig?
i'm even going to take classes at filmmakers because i want to make smart horror.

i don't really get down with asian horror, remakes, or modern horror in general. no, not even the remake of the hills have eyes. and eli roth can eat a bag of dicks.

i work at cd warehouse in oakland. i get first dibbs on anything that comes into the store (not to mention a sick discount) and it's really helpful as long as i don't buy a movie every day. we get a lot of good stuff into the store, you should come by and say hi and buy something.

oh, i went to highschool with tom savini's daughter, and kyra schon (aka little zombie girl from NOTLD) was my middle school ceramics teacher. it's pretty crazy to see people with her face tattooed on them and whatnot.

2/8/07 03:05 am - polyester_queen

Anyone going to the midnight showing of Suspiria this Saturday at the Oaks Theater?

1/14/07 09:46 pm - pat_barron - Horror movie convention

About a year or so ago, there was a horror movie convention in Greentree. They had screenings, a dealers' room, autograph signings, and the guys from The It's Alive Show stopped by to videotape a segment for their show. Anyone know if anything like that will be happening again in the Pittsburgh area anytime soon? I suspect that if this particular convention was held again (I don't know if it was supposed to be an annual thing), it would have happened a couple of months ago and I've already missed it.

1/13/07 07:27 pm - skully696a - howdy

I'm Alison and I'm 22 yrs old and I've lived here in Pgh my whole life. And I also love horror movies hahaha.

A great place to find 80's horror movies on vhs is The Exchange on Mcknight Rd and the one in Monroeville. Their usually 2.50 or less.

Hi Ryan :) lol

1/13/07 09:37 am - meriae - intro/etc

hey pgh_horror... I'm nearly 30, love monster movies in all their many shapes and sizes (esp those crap movies on SciFi with the giant "X" that they seem to have every week) and get dragged to all sorts of other horror films with a friend who will be pissed off if he doesn't get to see the goriest of gore...

Anyways. yay for horror films.

1/12/07 04:57 pm - polyester_queen - Welcome!

Considering our history in the horror film industry, with icons like George Romero and Tom Savini living here, it's about time Pittsburgh had its very own horror community. You can use this community as a means to find other people in Pittsburgh who are just as crazy about horror as you are. Post away!
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