pat_barron (pat_barron) wrote in pgh_horror,

Horror movie convention

About a year or so ago, there was a horror movie convention in Greentree. They had screenings, a dealers' room, autograph signings, and the guys from The It's Alive Show stopped by to videotape a segment for their show. Anyone know if anything like that will be happening again in the Pittsburgh area anytime soon? I suspect that if this particular convention was held again (I don't know if it was supposed to be an annual thing), it would have happened a couple of months ago and I've already missed it.
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its not updated for this yr but im sure itll happen again sometime in a few months
Thanks! Dang it, I missed Lloyd Kaufman, too ... I saw him at the screening of "The Toxic Avenger" at the Oaks Theater this past summer, and he was a riot!
Man, I heard about this but wasn't able to go. I'd love to go next year.