settle down settle down, my desire. (msstink) wrote in pgh_horror,
settle down settle down, my desire.

my name is rachael, i'm 22 and awesome at dropping out of things, i love my cat, and i'm obsessed with horror. although i adore bruce campbell (i even have a plaster casting of his head that they did for evil dead II painted bronze. it's regal.) and my favorite movie is hellraiser (but wtf with the scorpion shaped pile of poop? or the bum that turns into a skeleton dragon? ugh) my biggest love is body horror. lately i can't get enough of videodrome, in my skin, clive barker's salome and the forbidden, the brood, etc. smart horror, you dig?
i'm even going to take classes at filmmakers because i want to make smart horror.

i don't really get down with asian horror, remakes, or modern horror in general. no, not even the remake of the hills have eyes. and eli roth can eat a bag of dicks.

i work at cd warehouse in oakland. i get first dibbs on anything that comes into the store (not to mention a sick discount) and it's really helpful as long as i don't buy a movie every day. we get a lot of good stuff into the store, you should come by and say hi and buy something.

oh, i went to highschool with tom savini's daughter, and kyra schon (aka little zombie girl from NOTLD) was my middle school ceramics teacher. it's pretty crazy to see people with her face tattooed on them and whatnot.
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